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Design an audio photo taking & tag collection system for snap takers for better emotion contact and collection. 

An audio photo-taking and tag collection APP can help snap takers quickly record photos with audio notes and automatically categorize them as needed with tags. 

RIT Spring 2020


School Project


Mobile Prototypes
TV Prototypes
Interaction Demos



Adobe Illustrator


After Effect

Problem & Solution

Problem & Solution


People always take a lot of photos but don't have time to organize them. After a while, people will forget why the photo was taken and the emotion of the photo.


An audio photo-taking and tag collection APP can help snap takers quickly record photos with audio notes and automatically categorize them as needed with tags. 

Mobile Prototypes

Tag System


Take Photo with Tags & Audio

Users can take photos with tags, and tags can create either before or after the photo-taking. 

The users also can take audio photos to keep the memory of the photo. 


1    Frequently used tags

2   Take a photo with vocal


Users can manage their tags and create different folders for them. 

If there are any tags that the user always uses, and the user can pin the tag, so the tag will show in the featured area. 

   Pined tags 

2   Add new tag folder

edit tag.gif

For Work

User Story

I am an employee who needs to take photos of my works. 

I want to sort out the photo category based on my routine and time. 

Filter Photos with Tags

The user can use tags to filter photos, and they can choose multiple tags to find the photo they want. 

Users can also choose the time period to filter photos.

filter photo.gif

For Life Recording

User Story

I am doing muscle training, and I always take photos to record and compare the changes.


I want to organize my photos based on the timeline and have my weight and muscle information with the photo. 

Album + Photo Strip

The users can create an album with Muscle Training Tag, and the system will make a long photo strip, the user can just scroll down to look through the photos. 

  Edit Photo Info. & Oder

 Turn on/off Audio

3   Listen to the Audio


photo strip.gif

For Family

User Story

As the father of a family, I always take photos of my family to record our daily life.

I want to see my child's growth through photos, and I also want to record the first time my child called me daddy. 

Photo Book with QR Code

The user can create and order a photo book through VocalFolio. 

The photo book will have a QR code that allows users to scan and listen to the audio.

photo book.gif

Photo Book with QR Code

Users want to listen to the audio of the photo to get the same emotion.


Users can scan the QR code on their photo book to listen to the recorded audio. 

Qualitative Interview

In Her Fifties

"It would be fun if can send photos with audio to my friends." 


"I want to have some notes on my photos, such as body information, and compare them to see changes."

Chemical Engineer 

"It would be great if the system can sort out the photo category based on my work and schedule." 

Unresolved Issues

I. Notes

Users want to leave comments and notes for later use.

2. Compare

Users want to compare photos from one category based on time to see changes.

3. Organization

Many Users want a better system that can help them organize photos based on the event and schedule.







Audio Photo

Users can say short comments when taking the photo. 


Do not use folders to categorize, but use tags to organize photos. 

Photo Strip

Make a long Photo Strip of selected tag photos with dates and comments by timeline. 


User Flow

For Daily Work

For users who need to take pictures of works every day and send them to coworkers. 

Users can use the tag function to collect their work photos, and the photo strip sharing function will automatically collect their work photos according to the timeline.

User flow 1.png

For Memory

For users who take photos of the family to record daily life, and want to collect kid’s growth through photos with kid’s voice.

The user can use the tag function to collect all of the photos of his kid. 

Then the user can create and order a photo book. The photo book will have QR codes that allow the user to scan and listen to the audio.

User flow 2.png

Initial Wireframe

Initial Wireframe

Photo Tags

To develop a simple process of storing categories to avoid users getting tired of organizing photos.


Photo Strip

Pay attention to functional details to avoid useless repeat processes. 


Photo Book

Users need high-quality photos and want to choose different formats and designs.


Visual Design


The marble is firm, but the texture is flowing, which made the marble feel softer.

  • Firm

  • Smooth

  • Gradient

  • Reliable




Nature always hides some surprises. Even small flowers can bloom wonderfully.

  • Shining

  • Nature

  • Power

  • Energy

Visual Design

Design Iteration

Tag Setting

Simplify the process of tag making and category editing to avoid users getting tired of organizing photos.


Frame 40.jpg


Frame 2.jpg
Frame 9.png

Photo Strip

Change the horizontal scroll to vertical to make the comparison process easier. 

Add title and tag info of the album at the top, and mark the notes and date next to the photo for easier reading.


Move the setting icons to the upper right corner, so icons would not be tap when scrolling the page. 


Frame 28.jpg


Frame 19.jpg

TV Platform

Photo Capturer for TV Show & Video Game Lovers to Record Their Interesting Memories

Photo Capturer on TV, can capture photos and audio when users watching shows or play video games.


The user also can share the photos with friends later. 


TV Platform

User Flow

User Story

As a comedy lover, I would like to watch a comedy with my friends, and I want to keep some fun moments when we watch the show, such as some funny expressions and laughter.

Group 83.png

Before Movie

VocalFolio will be a plugin for Television.

When the user chooses the play button, a notification will display and ask if the user wants to use Vocal Folio. For yes, the system will record the user's fun memory of the show by audio photos.


 screen for camera testing


After Movie

The photo album of the show will show up after the movie.

The user can choose photos to share with friends.

The chosen photo will show up in the phone APP, and the user can edit it and share it on any social media.

1    More Social Media

2   Add Comment



We always think about how to organize our photos in the future. In this project, I designed it differently. VocalFolio allows users to take photos with tags, which means users have already organized their photos when taking the photo, so they don't have to worry about future organization. 

At present, short videos are popular, but many people still want to take a single frame photo. Taking photos with audio allow users to take audio notes, and record fun noise for better emotional contact and collection later. QR photo books give users a different enjoyable way to share their photos with friends and family. 

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