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The Lilaclock 

The Lilaclock is a collaborative game that promotes shared memories and communication with family and friends! In the game, players share personal photos, video, and audio memories — only for them to be stolen and hidden by pirates in a place called Lilaclock. The objective is to follow clues to retrieve the lost memories.

RIT Spring 2021




Concept video

(3D Motion) 



Adobe Illustrator



After Effect

Premiere Pro



When we organize files on a computer or a bookshelf, we can always find some missing photos, which bring back memories that we want to share with friends and family.


Have the person ready but don’t have the memory to share. 

Have the memory ready but don’t have the person to share.


​Design an online collaborative game can provide players with a specific space to share their memories, such as photos, videos, posts, and audio records.



Lilaclock is an online teamwork game. It provides players a unique place to share their memories. In the game, pirates in the memory world steal the players' memories and hide them on the Lilaclock. The players follow the trace and enter the memory world.


The game system will randomly collect shared memories through face recognition, and hide them in Lilaclock's Memoryland. 


In the memory world, memory pirates use Lilaclock to store stolen memory. There are 12 Memorylands in the corresponding terrariums on Lilaclock. 


Each Memoryland has a different Memory Box. Players need to enter each room to find the tool, open the box, and retrieve the missing memory fragments.


After exploring all 12 Memoryland, the last Lilacland will appear in the center. Players need to enter Lilacland to put all memory fragments together like puzzles to destroy Lilaclock and open the gate back to the real world. 

Current Challenge

Social Media

Social media are the primary method for photo sharing in modern lifestyles and relationships. But they always draw users' attention to many different posts, not just sharing between family members and friends. 


Statista 2020: In 2019, the average daily social media usage of internet users worldwide was 144 minutes per day, and it is still rising. 

Print Photos

Printed photos and photobooks are traditional methods for memory sharing. 

The photos hang on the wall are often overlooked because people saw them every day, and difficult to replace with new memories. Photobooks are often forgotten on the bookshelf until people start to organize the shelf. 

Current Problem 

We share photos on social media and then swipe our phones when we get together. 

Photo albums are old school, and we often forget them.


How Lilaclock Works

Lilaclock is an online teamwork game. It provides players a unique place to share their memories. It will be an effective way to have a fun time with family and friends. Lilaclock can also be helpful for a long-distance relationship. 

Lilaclock is designed for futuristic Virtual Reality devices that support face recognition and online games. Through face recognition, the game system can randomly collect shared memory, and hide them in Lilaclock's Memoryland. 


Background Story

One day, the player is cleaning up storage. A small box falls out with some lilac butterflies.  

The player opens the box and finds some old items and a lilac ball. The Lilaclock shows up when the player touches the lilac ball. 

This Lilaclock builds by the Lilacs Family - the Memory Pirate Family. The Lilacs Family tread human memory as treasures, and they steal old memories from the human world which human is gradually forgetting. 

Players need to explore all 12 Memorylands to take back their memory fragments and open the final Lilacland to bring all memories back to the human world. 

Three Objectives


The Lilaclock

Time Flies


The Memoryland

Enjoy Memory


The Lilacland




Time Flies

The Lilaclock

The timer on Lilaclock keeps counting to remind players that they need to retrieve their memory and destroy Lilaclock, not just enjoy the environment in terrariums

The Lilalock has a clock ring, a week ring, and a date ring. The gears and clock hands continue to turn, indicating the passage of time.

The Lilaclock is powered by human memories. The power of memory pushes the gears to make the clock hands continue to rotate. 

There are 12 terrariums on Lilaclock. Each contains a different Memoryland.


Enjoy Memory

The Memoryland

There is a Memory Box on each Memoryland, which contains players missing memory fragments, such as photos and videos. 

Players need to find a tool on the Memoryland to open the box and retrieve the missing memory fragments.

The environment inside each terrarium is different. Players can enjoy their memory and scenery on Memoryland without being disturbed by the timers. 



The Lilacland

All terrariums are clear at first, and they will turn into different colors once players explored them. 

After exploring all 12 Memorylands, the last Lilacland will appear in the center. 

On Lilacland, players can review all collected memories, put the memory fragments together like puzzles to destroy Lilaclock, and open the gate back to the real world. 

Easter Eggs

Players can also collect Easter Eggs during the exploration process, which will contain a small memory, such as audio, comments, and posts.
Easter Eggs look like lilac buds and can only open in the sun.


To be Continued

Work in process. Thank you! 

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