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Little Star

Free People provide women’s clothing, accessories, shoes, intimates, and swimwear in bohemian style.


Little Star is a new clothing line for young girls between the age of 3 and 10. It is a sister line to the bohemia style known as Free People. 

TTU Spring 2019


School Project




Web Design


Adobe Illustrator


Adobe XD



Active| Bohemian | Comfortable | Romantic | Sweet

Free People

Tartget: 18-30, female 

Sell women’s clothing, accessories, shoes, intimates, and swimwear in Bohemian style. 

Little Star

Target: 3-10, little girl 

Sell little girl's maxi dress, midi dress, and skirt set in Bohemian style:

Mood Board

The brand personality is smart, creative, confident, and comfortable in all aspects of her being, free and adventurous, sweet to tough to tomboy to romantic.

Style Guide

Little Star is for little girls, so I used a handwriting style for the brand name and tagline with gold sand, and little kids always like shining stuff. I use leaves to match the brand style, nature, and environment-friendly. Plus an energetic and cute pattern in Bohemia style. 


I created three different illustrations for three kinds of dresses for tags and websites. Daddies also want to buy dresses for their little princesses, but some do not know what Maxi Dress, Shirt Set, and Midi Dress are. 


Website Showcase

Initial Sketch

I did lots of research on the bohemia style and did the sketches. At the start, my brand name was "Little Lady," it was cute but did not match the Bohemia style. Then I have "Little deer," "Little Fawn," and I got "Little Star" plus the tagline "Stay wild, moon child" finally. 


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