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Learning & Traveling

"I'm as old as the moon and the stars, and as young as the trees and the lakes. My style comes from looking at what came before me, and from visiting a lot of places."  

― Afrika Bambaataa 

This quote reminds my life journey. I was born and grow up in two different countries. I moved to several cities, and I meet lots of people. I learn from my friends, and they also have different backgrounds. What I see and who I meet made who I am now. I am learning when I am traveling. 

RIT Fall 2019


School Project


Abstract Video

Motion Graphic 


Adobe Illustrator

After Effect

Motion Graphic

Video Concept 

In my video, I use four seasons change to show the passage of time. 
Four different shapes are representing the four seasons. All four shapes start with black, then as time goes by and the seasons change, they all have their colors at the end. 

🔸 Diamond = Fall 
I use diamonds to make the starry sky cause the starry sky in autumn is the most beautiful. The stars shone like diamonds in the sky.

🌨️ Rectangle = Winter 
The rectangle fell slowly like a snowflake in the white sky.

🌸 Triangle = Spring 
Triangles can form flower shapes, so I use them to represent spring.

🔵 Circle = Summer 
After spring, dark blue and circles will appear, representing the sea and bubbles in summer.

Mood Board

  • Journey of life

  • Travel

  • Development

  • Growing up

  • Changing


Style Board

  • Colorful

  • Simple

  • Lines & Shapes

  • Changing

  • Movement 

Mood Board
Style Board



Initial Design

Initial Design
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